How much water should I use?

You decide on how much water you need to bath your baby. The water level markings on the tub are intended only as a guide, as not every baby is the same size. However, in the first few weeks after birth it is important that there is sufficient water to cover your baby's shoulders. This will ensure your baby does not get cold.

What is the most suitable water temperature?

The water temperature should be between 35C and 37C. The temperature can be taken with a baby bath thermometer and for extra safety you can use the "elbow test". Because of the small water surface area of the TummyTub®, the water will remain at a comfortable temperature for about 20 minutes.

How do I hold my baby?

In the "sitting" position the rounded shape of the TummyTub® helps to support your baby. You only need to support your baby's head under the chin. The advantage is that you always have one free hand to wash and comfort your baby. In the "floating" position you have one hand under your baby's chin, the other at the back of the head or you can place both your hands under your baby's armpits.

Is it bad if my baby wants to stand up in the TummyTub®?

No, because as your baby develops the buoyancy of the water will encourage your baby to learn to stand.

Is the TummyTub® too narrow?

No, babies enjoy the feeling of security and confinement that the TummyTub® affords.

Is it possible that some bath supplements could destroy the surface of the TummyTub®?

No, this is impossible.
Does the TummyTub® help with wind/colic?

Yes, first you should massage your baby's tummy with some oil in a clockwise direction. Then give your baby a relaxing bath in the TummyTub®. This will certainly help to relieve any pain.

Does the TummyTub® help with sleeping problems?

Yes, a warm and relaxing bath is always soothing if sufficient water at the correct temperature is used. Ensure the water covers your baby's shoulders.

What are the most suitable surfaces for the TummyTub®?

With the TummyTub®, bathing is easy on most surfaces: on a table, on the floor, in any room in your home, at the beach, on a boat, even when camping. It is also perfect to take with you when you go away on holiday. The TummyTub® can also be placed on a secure box whilst you sit comfortably in a chair to bath your baby. This will help to prevent you developing backache.

Why can I not used a household bucket?

A household bucket is not designed, and the overall shape is not suitable, for bathing babies safely.

How do I clean the TummyTub®?

Very easily, with a mild detergent. This will also remove any remains of bath oil from the walls of the tub. Do not use abrasive cleaners.

Should I stop bathing my baby in the TummyTub® when it is 6 months old?

Although the TummyTub® was originally developed for babies from birth to 6 months, many midwives and parents tell us that their children love being in this familiar and trusted environment for much longer.
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