TIPS Ergonomic baby baths 2008 - 2010

This innovative baby bath was overwhelmingly praised by parent testers and their babies just loved the experience of being securely cocooned in warm water.

Every detail of this baby bath has been painstakingly developed with safety in mind: from the smooth wide rim with its easy-grip handles to the non-slip base, complete with rubber strip to ensure perfect stability. Tummy Tubs are manufactured using high quality recyclable plastic which has been thoroughly tested for safety both in Germany and in the UK. This product is available in three transparent shades with an optional two-step stool. This can be used to raise the Tummy Tub, as extra storage or as a toddler step/seat.

The Tummy Tub is easy to use, reduces the quantity of water needed for a bath (great if you are on a water meter or environmentally aware) and is easy to empty and clean. More importantly it calms even crying babies, helps with colic and settles babies ready for sleep. Here is a sample of the Testers’ comments:
  • The design makes sense when you think how a baby is used to being held
  • Water stays warmer for longer than with conventional baths
  • No need to splash a baby to keep them warm (which can frighten them)
  • Enables you to see and photograph your baby from the side of the Tummy Tub
  • Extremely stable due to rubber strip on base
  • The added buoyancy (due to the depth of the water) made it so easy to support my baby
  • Transparent plastic allowed me to see my baby’s smiles which were priceless!
  • How cute he looked, all safe and foetal-like
  • Bath time was no longer a chore but pure enjoyment for parent and baby
  • What more can we say but award the Tummy Tub Best of the best for ergonomic baths.


    What Our Customers Say

    Our son hated bathing, would scream his lungs out and shake and whimper.

    Not today - he is a changed baby. Tummy Tub has completely turned the baby bathing experience around and, for that, we are truly grateful and in awe of your product.

    N. Simons

    For the first time we have a bath without tears - indeed the only protest heard was at being taken out ot he tub!

    P. Donnellan

    I ordered a TummyTub from you yesterday and it arrived today. Thank you for a great product and excellent service!!

    E. Harris

    I would just like to say thanks to the lady who took my call when I rang up to order a Tummy Tub. She was very helpful. An excellent, personal, service - even the courier was nice and very baby friendly! Our 4 week old son, Daniel, enjoyed his first bath in it and there wasn't a squeak out of him when we put it in it. Bathtimes will be more enjoyable for him and his parents from now on I think. I will certainly recommend it to all my friends.

    A. Friel

    I watched in amazement at her getting her first home bath. She slept during the whole thing. Thank you for making such an incredible product!!!

    G. Westbrooke
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